Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Obama Presidency

The drive-by media, America’s liberal elites, and 99% of all TV political pundits have decided that Obama will be the next president. Some have even suggested that President Bush and Vice President Cheney should resign immediately after the November 4th election so America can move rapidly into the paradise that they feel is certain to come from Obama’s “superior” leadership and foresight. I wish I had that confidence.

For the sake of my children and grandchildren, I hope that he able to accomplish all that his supporters believe he will. Unfortunately, none of his supporters that I have talked to have been able to tell me specifically what beneficial changes he is going to make. They only agree that they want a Democrat in the White House.

I predict that if Barack Obama wins the Presidency, he will preside over the most overtly corrupt and incompetent administration in the last fifty years. His administration will end up making Jimmy Carter looking competent and Bill Clinton looking like a paragon of virtue. Unfortunately, he will be able to protect his corruption and incompetency by political and judicial appointments and his Democrat colleagues in Congress.

I further predict that;
- Sexually transmitted diseases will increase as homosexuality will be encouraged through sex education and special rights for homosexual participants.
- Abortion rights will increase along with an increase in murdered infants.
- Personal income taxes will be raised.
- Unemployment will rise.
- Energy costs will rise rapidly.
- Government institutions will grow in size and regulatory power.
- Increased crime resulting from an increase in the appointment of liberal judges appointed to the federal bench.
- Illegal immigrant population will increase dramatically with the de-emphasis on immigration control.
- Cost of social services, welfare, etc. will increase dramatically.
- Military will be weakened because of budget cuts and poor morale from incompetent civilian management.
- Internationally, we will become the world’s doormat/joke resulting in political incompetence in foreign affairs, e.g., the inability of political leaders to recognize when military force must be used to protect American interests.
- Christians will lose free speech rights due to hate crime legislation.
- Parents will lose more rights to government schools and social service agencies.
- Talk show hosts that do not adhere to the official government line will have their program content restricted via legislation and liberal judges.

If my predictions are wrong, I will post an apology at the end of Obama’s first four years.

Sola Deo Gloria/Semper Fi
Skip Venable

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