Friday, May 23, 2008

Freedom Never Cries

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TDLTD7557 said...

WOW! I stumbled across your blog site while researching something. I really enjoyed the info on here, but when I got to that video, my heart just broke. I come from a military family and that was a sad, but awesome, tribute. It also was a good representation of what is happening in our world. I also read what you wrote about Satanic activity here in Delaware and have seen some myself. As a Christian and lover of Jesus Christ, I can agree that Satan is alive and very active. The fact that so many don't believe that is his greatest lie and biggest triumph. I am waiting for Christ's return and while I know only our Father knows the date and time, I cannot help but see the signs. Especially with the President we have now. When I first read the Bible and studied it at age 19 (53 now), I couldn't imagine how those Middle Eastern countries could ever become a focal point in our world. What has happened in those 30 years has been shocking, but I shouldn't be at all surprised...Jesus told me so. God Bless You. I hope to meet you one day.