Friday, November 2, 2007

Illegal means ....?

Major news networks rarely provide us with insights regarding the criminal aspects of illegal immigration that make a mockery of our laws and impact our nation.

Thirty years in law-enforcement investigating almost every conceivable crime left me believing that the term illegal meant against the law and that helping someone commit a crime was also a crime. I did not know that it was optional to ignore or blatantly thumb one’s nose at our country’s former foundation based on and committed to the Rule of Law.

It is estimated that around 20 million illegal aliens from around the world are in our country when the majority should never have reached here in the first place. Being an illegal alien is more than just arriving at our doorstep seeking work and a better life. For the most part it results, by necessity, in the breaking of a whole range of laws from possessing and using forged documents to receiving social services under false pretences. I am not including crimes against persons or property in this category. It also involves those who aid and abet them and who in-turn break a long litany of laws, including hiring practices without the usual documentation, to not reporting their wages.

As US citizens we have to pay FICA, Social Security, Federal and State taxes, workers’ comp., pensions, health insurance etc. Not paying some of these items would land us in jail, period.

George Sahlin

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