Tuesday, October 30, 2007

America's Wacko Judges?

"A Kansas court of appeals has ruled that it's illegal for an illegal alien to enter the country, but not illegal for an illegal alien to be here if the illegal alien can illegally make it past the Border Patrol without getting caught." I am beginning to believe Americans are insane. What type of law school turns out these type of judges? What is a politician thinking who nominates these judges for the bench? Why type of citizen continues to elect politicians who make these type of appointments? Imagine someone breaking into your house, you did not see him break in but you caught him walking around in the house, you call the police, he is arrested. When he appears before the judge the judge asks wheter anyone saw him make the entry, no one did. The judge releases him. The majority of voters in the United States only have themselves to blame, we elect the people who make the appointments and we keep re-electing them. It's insane to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. I see no hope on the political scene without drastic changes in our voting patterns.

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