Tuesday, August 14, 2007

De-evolution of Political Leaders

Observing politics at the state and local level for the past several years made me yearn for leaders who would pledge their lives and their sacred honor to do what is best in the service of their country. It appears that the higher salaries and benefits given to politicians by themselves create fertile climate for more corruption. It is hard to believe that at one time the United States had men who actually assumed leadership responsibilities knowing that they would probably lose their lives and fortunes; many did. In today's political climate, I get the impression that a number of federally elected officials would gladly sell out the people of the United States if they were guaranteed to keep their salaries, their office perks, and the sellout could be made to look noble (ie save lives, peace, etc.). When terrorists finally figure that out, they will undoubtedly save their own lives and money by buying the support they need from our character challenged politicians.

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